Panama Canal Zone Schools

Raison d'etre and philosophy of the database


Raison d'etre

I (Robert G. Friar, Jr., BHS class of '77) created this database just for the fun of experimenting with the Internet and seeing whether anybody would find it useful. So far it seems to be very popular and as of October 12, 2008 it has more than 23,000 separate names in it.

I am not planning on doing anything with the names in the database other than let people on the Internet search for other people. In particular, I will do everything I can to make sure this database is not used for mass mailings or other junk mail purposes. I will occasionally send a mailing to everyone in the database when I have updated information to pass on.

The results of a search come through in a form which is not readily formatted for adding to a mailing list and I have not added the ability to print out entire classes with addresses which makes it more difficult to get big sections of the list at one time. I have added the ability to print out the names of everyone in a particular class so that searchers can see who is listed but this list does not have the individual addresses attached. Once a searcher has found the name of someone of interest the searcher must then go back and search for that individual in order to get the detailed record.


Most of the functions of the database happen immediately. When you submit your information it is automatically added to the database and is immediately available to other searchers. When you submit a "revised" entry the old record is not immediately deleted from the database. This is because the computer program must determine which old record is to be deleted. This can sometimes be tricky as many people have the same last name and the program must have a high degree of confidence that the record to be deleted is the correct one. This culling program is run only every few days so your old record may hang around for awhile.

It is important that you have something in your record which indicates a connection to Panama. Some people on the Internet like to just add their names to databases to see if it gets them anything. I am trying to keep the database as clean as possible with just Panama connected people in it. Even if you didn't attend any school in the Panama Canal Zone you can add your name to the database if you are connected in some way to Panama. Just be sure and describe your connection in the "Additional Information" field. If you find that your entry has disappeared it may be because I did not understand your Panama connection.

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